Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to install Gradle on Linux (Ubuntu)

if you dont know gradle, please go though the following website to get an understanding about gradle.

Gradle project home page :-

follow the steps give below to install the gradle on your develop environment. (Linux based)

1. download the gradle distribution from the gradle website.

2. extract the downloaded gradle distribution in any directory in your PC.

3. then add the GRADLE_HOME environmental variable. to add the environmental variable, follow the below instructions.

    3.1 sudo  gedit .bashrc
    3.2  add the following to the bottom of the .bashrc file

    GRADLE_HOME=<path to gradle bin file>  (e.g. /opt/gradle/gradle-1.5/bin )
    export GRADLE_HOME
    export PATH
    3.2  source .bashrc

4. once the above changes are done, run gradle in the terminal to check whether gradle is properly installed.

Chathuranga Tennakoon


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